PrairieLearn Workshop

In this 5-day training course, we will provide an introduction to the following topics:

  • how to create questions and assessments
  • overview of existing PL elements
  • how to use the external grader
  • how to use the drawing tools

What you need to do BEFORE the workshop

  1. Login to PrairieLearn at (in case you have never done this before). This is necessary so that we can give you access to PrairieLearn before the workshop starts.

  2. Request course access. We are processing all the access requests using the PrairieLearn Slack #request-course channel. Check the options below for instructions.

  3. Complete Homework 0. See below for instructions on Homework 0. It would be very helpful if you can do this before the first meeting on Monday.

Request access to a PrairieLearn course

1) You are a Course Instructor:

Provide the following information in the #request-course channel:

Course rubric: XX-100
Course name: <enter course name>
Your email:
Your institution: UIUC

2) You are a Teaching Assistant already assigned to a course

Provide the following information in the #request-course channel:

I want access to the course listed below:
Course rubric: XX-100
Instructor name: <enter instructor name>
Your email:

3) Others

You may be a teaching assistant not yet assigned to a course, or just someone wanting to learn how to use PrairieLearn, without any connections to a course. Everyone is welcome!

Provide the following information in the #request-course channel:

I want access to the training course TRAIN-101
Your email:

Note that we will add all teaching assistants to TRAIN-101, in addition to their assigned courses (in case that information is available).

Complete the Get Started tutorial

Once you receive an email indicating that you have access to PrairieLearn, complete the Get Started tutorial, which will show you how to create:

  • course instances
  • assessments
  • questions

If you are using the course TRAIN-101, when adding your course instance, use:

"longName": "Summer 2020 xxxx"

where xxxx is your netid.

Workshop Schedule

Day 1: creating simple questions

Day 2: creating assessments

Day 3: looking at more specialized elements

Day 4: customizing the grading method

Day 5: using graphical/drawing elements

PrairieLearn Overview Video

This video offers a high-level description of PrairieLearn and its usage in courses for homework and exams.

Workshop Videos

The workshop videos are recorded and posted on the PrairieLearn MediaSpace channel