PrairieLearn Workshop

In this training course, we will provide an introduction to the following topics:

  • how to create questions and assessments
  • overview of existing PL elements
  • how to use the external grader
  • how to use the drawing tools

What you need to do before the workshop

  1. Login to PrairieLearn at (in case you have never done this before).

  2. Make sure you have access to a course space. If you have not created a space for your course, you can use this course request link. If you are a graduate teaching assistant or co-instructor, ask the main instructor to give you course access as "Editor" in the Staff page.

  3. Complete the "Get Started" tutorial, which will show you how to create course instances, assessments, and questions.

Workshop Schedule

Lesson 1: creating simple questions

Lesson 2: creating assessments

Lesson 3: looking at more specialized elements

Lesson 4: customizing the grading method

Lesson 5: using graphical/drawing elements

Workshop Videos

This workshop was last offered in Summer 2020. You can watch the recorded videos on the PrairieLearn MediaSpace channel

PrairieLearn Overview Video

This video offers a high-level description of PrairieLearn and its usage in courses for homework and exams.